Product Research & Development

We rely on our scientific background together with ancient wisdoms to formulate innovative and reliable products.

We have our own research team as well as industry consultants at our product development laboratory located in Binh Thanh district HCMC.

The research team is led by Nguyen Ngoc Lan – a scientist from La Trobe university, Melbourne, Australia.

Product labeling

Parabens are preservatives. Over 95% of our products are parabens free. For the remaining products we use parabens in very low doses (between 0.3% and 0.5%) in conjunction with active to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. International legislation allows a maximum of 0.8%.

Ethoxylated compounds are not dangerous. The controversy surrounding SLS is linked to the process that is used to produce them.

An organic ingredient is derived from organic agriculture and, under European legislation that came into effect in 1991, must comply with certain basic rules, including:

  • Respect for the ecosystem
  • Using no chemical fertilizers and pesticides or synthetic herbicides.
  • Using no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Mandatory inspection by organic certification bodies
  • Traceability back to the source area of the plant, whatever the country of production.

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