Our company has only three main product categories

1. Bathroom Toiletries

Our hotel toiletries have been designed and created with you and your guests in mind.  We understand the hotels’ quest to offer exceptional guest experience.  As such, we have created over 10 different collections to cater for different types of properties.  Spa Pure leads the industry with our packaging design as well as quality offerings. 

Spa Pure is the pioneer in the area of organic products.  We are the first company in the world to use seaweed in hotel toiletries.  The special collection “purelySeaweed therapy” has been adopted by some of the world’s leading resorts.  The collections also has received several accolades including the prestigious international magazine “Robb Report”.    

Our products are made under GMP certified facilities.  The products carry product liability insurance from a global insurance company for certain markets. 

For boutique properties, there is no need for large orders as we keep in stock most of our collections. 

Spa Pure toiletries are offered in 7 key scents.  However we will work with the clients to develop your own proprietary scents.

2. Bathroom amenities

We package our own bathroom amenities in-house thereby offering our clients savings as well as flexibility in terms of packaging and ordering. 

We offer a wide range of packaging material.   

We also work with the clients to design a packaging concept that complements their properties.  

3.  Spa products

We supply products under our own brand – Spa Pure.  We also offer customized products for our clients both in terms of packaging as well as scents.  

We do keep stock of many popular collections which allows our customers to order smaller quantities with faster lead times. 

Most of our products are made under GMP conditions. 

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