Scandic hotels is a Scandinavian group, which has more than hundred 4-star hotels scattered predominantly in Scandinavia but also in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Poland. 
In an interview with RaijaÁcs, General Manager of three hotels of the group in Finland, she shared some initiatives for children they have implemented as a company. First being, children up to 12 years of age stay for free.

Said Raija: “’Scandic Kids’ is a concept of its own in the company and is intended to focus – as the name suggests – on activities for children. The idea behind the creation of ‘Scandic Kids’ is that it doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, as a person of any age you are always welcomed to a Scandic hotel and we try to make the visit as attractive and exciting as possible for everyone.”

“When parents plan their holidays they are strongly influenced by their children: what interests them, where they want to go, what they want to do, comes, in most of the cases, first. Decisions are hence taken accordingly,” Raija shared.

To appeal to young travellers Scandic has put in place some interesting concepts: “There’s a small stand at the reception, where kids can check in themselves if they want to, giving them the feeling of being taken into consideration. Children always receive a small present on their arrival,” she said.

“Concerning our food policy for children, at breakfast, we have the children’s own ‘pancake party table’ and at dinner they have their own appealing buffet. British chef Jamie Oliver has designed the menu; he is very popular for his battle for healthy food in schools worldwide.The buffet’s idea is that children can chose what they want, also allowing parents to enjoy their meal for a while,” Raija said.

“Another interesting feature is that children have their own mascot, Sigge, which is a small hedgehog. In all Scandics there are Sigge-related gadgets and toys for the entertainment of the kids and in the biggest Scandic the ‘real’ Sigge ventures in the hotel to greet the children,” Raija shared.

“Finally of course, in all the hotels there’s a kids corner, which varies in size and content according to the size of the hotel and in all swimming pools there are toys the children can play with.”

A lot of work goes into developing new, interesting and attractive activities:
“Yes, it’s not only what we offer now, but the work that is done to develop the concepts further. We try to see what added value each activity can bring; at the end of the day the truth is that a happy child makes the parents happy. If parents enjoy their stay, the place will always remind them of a relaxed and pleasant visit. And come back.”

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