Tangi Le Grande – General Manager of Hotel Royal Hoi An

When did you first come to Vietnam?

My first visit in Vietnam was in 2008 in Dalat.
I was during that time Food & Beverage Manager of Sofitel Bali in Indonesia and attended a Sofitel corporate training in Vietnam.

Where was your last posting?

In Singapore. I opened the Flagship Sofitel So Singapore as Hotel Manager at the end of May 2015.
MGallery Hoi An has been the second 5* hotel I managed to open in 2015!

How are you enjoying Hoi An?

Very much. Every minute in Hoi An is a delight! Hoi An reminds me Bali in a way that you cannot get bored in Hoi An!
Not an iconic cultural destination only; you can explore the nature, enjoying the beach and the most important is the people.
People from Hoi An are incredibly friendly, open minded, supportive and always around to help you!

You are actually one of the youngest general managers in the region.  Have you faced many issues at this new properties?

The key was to quickly adapt myself to the local environment as I had to open the property in a very limited amount of time.
I had the chance to work in five different countries including four countries in Asia so it is helping me a lot.
My young age is not an issue. Passion, positive energy, hard work, patience, vision & commitment are the keys.

This is the first 5-star property in Hoi An old quarters where are most of your guests from?

Most of our guest are European, Australian & North-American. We also target some high end Japanese & Korean clientele.
All of them enjoy to be located in the old city of Hoi An as very convenient to explore the city, the Thu Bon river and the little islands around.

What do the foreign travelers think about Hoi An as a destination?

They all feel it very peaceful and spiritual. The UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An is definitely unique and has the most complete ancient center in Vietnam, great shopping, unique culinary experience and golden sandy beaches closed to hand!

What do you think can be done to improve tourism in Hoi An?

Tourism rapid development can make a destination becoming touristic quickly. Hoi An welcomes a big number of tourists every day and most of the activities are actually happening at the small area adjacent to the Japanese Bridge. This can create unbalanced development for the Old Quarter and threaten this Unesco Heritage Site. If we can spread the activities to some surrounding areas like Hoi An Market, River Hoai Square, etc… the Old Quarter will be less hectic while the surrounding areas become more lively, and the people living there can also have the benefits from the tourism.

What is the average length of stay?

Between 3 and 4 nights. The trend we observe is that many of our guests actually extend their stay as they realize that there is much more to do in Hoi An than they thought!
Hoi An is the perfect and most convenient destination to explore Central Vietnam.

What do your guests enjoy most about your hotel?

Definitely this unique Luxury Boutique Property we have been lucky to open in a prime location.
The location is indeed unique as on the banks of the Thu Bon River in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An and offers some spectacular views of the river and ancient town. Our hotel is a perfect blend of historical charm and modernity. Its refined style inspired by Art Nouveau has a delicate touch of Japanese (including the famous Japanese Dining Wakaku) and Vietnamese cultures.
On the top of the state-of-the-art facilities the property features, the thing our guests do enjoy the most is our people. Our service is incredibly friendly, professional and very personalized. All of our employees (we call them Ambassadors) share their sense of hospitality with our guests and offer each of them a personalized service from the heart, enriched with emotion, performance and a passion for excellence.

Tangi Le Grande - General Manager of Hotel Royal Hoi An

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