Virgin coconut oil is hot among celebrities

Cold-press Ben Tre virgin coconut oil is now available in retail sizes

Virgin coconut oilhas become very popular in Europe and the US. The list is endless but some notables include: Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

The coconut oil trend is by no means new, but it also shows no signs of departing anytime soon. The multitasking ingredient is a wondrous solution to a number of skin, hair, and health maladies, and costs quite a bit less than the so-called "miracle products" designed to target the same concerns.  Some celebrities prefer to use coconut oil as a natural mouthwash, insisting the oil removes stains from their teeth. Others substitute coconut oil for their nightly date with a makeup removing cleansing cloth. And a handful of celebrities even use coconut oil as a form of ultra-natural makeup, praising the oil's ability to restore radiance to a weathered face. 

Ben Tre in the Mekong Delta is one the world's top coconut growing region.  Spa Pure has recently launched a beautiful retail size product which is very popular with hotel galleries. 

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