Six Senses Ninh Van Bay partners with Spa Pure to produce its own line of spa products

The luxury beach resort Six Senses Ninh Van Bay was recently awarded as “Eco-Spa of the Year, 2013”. What goes on here for guests demonstrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to epic experiences as well as sustainability: an expansive organic garden has made way into a new ‘Scent Project,’ managed on-site by the resort’s gardening team under the leadership of General Manager Gary Henden.

Among others, dragon fruit, taro, lemongrass and kumquat plants flourish. An underutilized alembic came to light during a conversation about landscaping, and the team decided it was time to take experimentation to the next level.Through a trial steam distillation, the first organic, essential oils were produced and from this trial, the essential oil was then crystalized into usable bath salts.

Mr Henden explained that the resort is constantly searching ways to reduce its carbon footprint: “We use our recycled black water to fertilise the trees from which we extract the oil. We realized that we could capitalize on the virtuous cycle of waste to wealth. The idea is to ultimately use the oils in products throughout the resort, in all the facilities and the villas.”

Over 300 eucalyptus and kumquat trees are planted centrally in the resort, with over 500 square metres of lemongrass. It takes an average of 70 kilograms of young cuttings and leaves to make 100ml of essential oil (depending on the crop and time of the year). It has taken the resort six months to raise the first batch of kumquat oil for production. Now ateam is working on extracting the organically grown lemongrass, which will then be distilled using the alembic and then rosemary and lavender will bee next, chosen for their strong aromatherapy and medicinal qualities.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is the first in the region to use the oils to create bath amenities. The resort has partnered with Spa Pure, a local Vietnamese company, which hadpreviously formulated a range of bath products made from seaweeds harvested in surrounding waters. The recipe was developed with the advice and expertise of Dr. Tien, who has conducted over 30 years of seaweed research in Vietnam.

The first products will be available in the resort’s gallery by late April; by then, guests can buy the first editions of kumquat-scented bath salt soak and the fragrant seaweed soap as well as tour the gardens and distillery. It does not get any more local than this!  

Gary Henden, General Manager of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

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