Pizza 4P, where West meets East
 in a combination of flavours and dreams for
 a better world

Since its opening on Le Thanh Ton in Saigon three years ago, Pizza 4P has been ranking well at the top of Tripadvisor’s restaurants in Saigon, captivating customers with an interesting mix of tastes based on authentic Italian and traditional Japanese cuisines; a hazardous endeavour, which has proven to be very successful. 

The owner and manager of Pizza 4P, Japanese Yosuke Masuko is, in his own words, a ‘pizza-maniac’ who came to Ho Chi Minh city three years ago. He was working for an IT company, found the city lively and interesting and decided to stay after observing that the city totally lacked a fundamental outlet: a good pizza place.

Masuko, who tried pizzas all over the world, fell in love with the Neapolitan-style pizza while in Italy. Back in Japan, he built a stone pizza oven together with some friends, one of whom is now the chef at 4P: “He trained with a real Neapolitan pizza chef in Tokyo”, Masuko shared. The pizza nights with friends at his house turned out to be legendary and once in Ho Chi Minh City, he decided to give it a go.

“The products we use, the quality of the food we provide, the environment and the service are our strongest marketing tools,” Masuko said. “We make our own cheeses, we have a Japanese and Vietnamese team in Dalat making Camembert, mozzarella, burrata and ricotta. We have some contracted farms growing herbs and rocket salad for us and we are also trying to grow San Marzano tomatoes to make our own tomato sauce, but it is difficult because the climate is different from the one in Italy. Some products we actually import straight from Italy, although we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to buy a lot locally.”

In order to achieve success, Masuko followed a rather simple recipe: “I say, clarify your target: it’s the most important thing. For example half of our clientele is Vietnamese and that’s our main target group whose needs we ought to focus on first, pay attention to what the tastes of our main target group are.”

“At 4P we promote the concept of edutainment, the combination of the words education and entertainment, meaning that we want people to learn by doing, in a fun and relaxed environment. We did that with groups of children, teaching them how to make pizza and it was great; we’d like to offer that to all age groups: a gastronomic learning experience about culinary products and preparation of food.”  His long-term dream is to one day open his own eco-resort where he could get more people involved with larger scale initiatives.

“The principle for us is that all we do, we do it for Peace. 4P stands for ‘platform of personal pizza for peace’, meaning that we want to make our contribution for peace and our way of doing that is through the food we offer.”

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Yosuke Masuko, Owner of Pizza 4P

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