World’s first hotel toiletries made from seaweed extracts

Spa Pure is developing a new range of hotel toiletries made from seaweed extracts.  Spa Pure has enlisted the help Dr. Dam Duc Tien, head of the Department of Marine Botanical Biology & Resources of the Institute of Marine Environment and Resources. 

Dr. Tien has spent over 20 years researching seaweeds in Vietnam and has published over 30 papers on the topic.  He is considered the leading researcher on seaweeds in the region.

This special range from Spa Pure will consists of 4 different sea weeds native to the Vietnam coast as well as other natural ingredients some of which are certified by ECOCERT. 

Seaweed naturally absorbs their minerals from the sea.  As a result seaweed contains countless minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations. In fact no plant known has a comparable quantity of minerals and vitamins.   

Studies conducted at the University of Rennes in France showed that minerals in seaweed can penetrate the skin.  In this study subjects immersed in seaweed baths for 20 minutes had the mineral ions traced to their bloodstream, liver and kidneys.  Properties of seaweed vary with the plant: white algae, for instance, is calcium-rich, while red algae has wound-healing properties.

Seaweed is the key ingredient for some of the world’s most luxurious cosmetic brands like La Mer, Phytomer and La Prairie.  A small bottle of La Mer seaweed product can cost over US$800. 

Spa Pure is the first hotel toiletries brand in the world to use seaweed as a key ingredient for bath products.

“We are very excited in working with Dr. Tien to develop very high quality bath products from sea weeds in Vietnam for our clients” says Nguyen Ngoc Lan, CEO of Spa Pure.  

Vietnam is abundant in seaweeds with over …… varieties.  Spa Pure plan to work with the local population to harvest seaweed as part of a poverty eradication program. 

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