Spa Pure introduces natural seaweed soaps for hotels and resorts

Spa Pure has launched a new seaweed soap collection for hotels and resorts.

Seaweed soaps works very well for cleaning the body and revitalizing the skin. While seaweed is best known as vitamin-packed food, using it in soap will help exfoliate and nourish your skin.

Seaweed soap cleans the body as traditional soaps do, plus it exfoliates the skin. Gritty bits of seaweed within the soap remove dead cells on the skin. This reveals the newer skin beneath, helps unclog pores and reduces acne breakouts.

Even though it exfoliates, seaweed soap does not result in dry skin.

Seaweed contains several beneficial minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin during the exfoliation process, leaving the skin healthy looking and toned. These include vitamins A1, B2, B6, B12, and minerals like potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Seaweed soap also encourages blood circulation around the skin, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

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